On Monday evening, Wallen’s ex-girlfriend, Indigio’s mother, KT Smith, took to her INSTAGRAM to share the devastating story. KT admitted that she never wanted to talk publicly about the experience but decided to for her dog’s sake.

KT rescued Legend a little over a year ago. She admitted that she and Legend saved each other.

And while KT admits it’s been a beautiful journey, “Yesterday, [Legend] bit Indigo in the face and had to have stitches. We spent yesterday morning at the emergency room.”

KT continued, saying they were discussing their options when it came to Legend and that she doesn’t have the heart to do what everyone thinks she should do. “He does not deserve that.”

“He’d be really great with a family that doesn’t have small children. And maybe just has a lot of land and just won’t be crawled over,” KT explained as tears rolled down her face.

So she was making a plea to her many Instagram followers, hoping that someone with a big yard and no children would be willing to take Legend in and continue to give him the loving home he deserves. “He hadn’t shown any bit of aggression before that at all,” she admitted.

KT went on to say that Indigo is okay and his scar is minimum. “He will be okay. I know you guys care about that too. I share so much of my life with him with you.”

“I keep asking Legend why. It’s hard. He is not aggressive towards adults at all. You can get in his face. He’s still such a good dog.”

They have re-homed LEGEND and they can visit with him anytime they want.

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