Wednesday September 7, 2022


A man with a restraining order is accused of breaking into a woman’s apartment through a window, stabbing her and shooting at her — but the gun did not fire.

According to the arrest warrant, the victim had a restraining order against 47-year-old Crofton Harris of Belle Glade for repeated violence.

A Palm Beach County detective wrote Sunday night, Harris called the victim who “said she hung up on Harris and went to bed. She was awakened several hours later by Harris tapping her. She said Harris stated, ‘This is how it’s going to be,’ and began to stab her with a large rusty knife. The victim kicked at Harris and blocked some of the blows.

Detectives say that Harris then pulled out a black handgun from his pocket and pointed it at her head. He threatened to kill her as he pulled the trigger of the gun. [The victim] said the gun made a clicking sound and did not fire. The victim and Harris fought over the gun and during the struggle the gun went off, making a hole in her dresser.  The victims daughters, who was sleeping over heard her mother scream for her. The daughter saw Harris on top of her mother, physically fighting with her. But she was able to get Harris off of her mother.

[The daughter] observed Harris in possession of a black handgun and a knife she called a ‘cane knife.’ She called 911 and Harris left the apartment with the handgun and knife.   when law enforcement was called, [The victim] was unsure how Harris got into her apartment because he doesn’t have a key. sustained cuts to her right arm, right leg and right hand.”

She said after Harris left, she noticed a window to the apartment was open.

The restraining order was served on July 15 and was active until Oct. 15. Crofton had been convicted of aggravated battery in 1996 in Broward County.

Now, he’s charged with attempted first-degree murder, burglary with a weapon, firing into a dwelling, possession of a firearm by a felon, and contempt of court for violating the protection order.

He was booked Monday morning and is being held without bond.


The Lee County Sheriff’s Office says it has arrested multiple people after serving search warrants at two Lee County homes.

The searches were conducted as part of an investigation by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office narcotics unit. One search took place in Lehigh Acres, and the other took place at a home on Morse Plaza in Lee County, just outside Tice.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno did not say how many people were arrested. Marceno did say guns and drugs were found in the homes and said there was a small child living in one of the homes.

The sheriff said additional information would be released later in the day.


According to Marceno, there are additional narcotics investigations going on elsewhere in the county.

A suspect in a West Palm Beach shooting has now been arrested six times for felonies in Palm Beach County.

In fact, police say 26-year old Montrez Grinnon’s arrest early Labor Day morning was his third in just the past year.

Grinnon was found hiding underneath a car after cops say he and another man fled the scene of a shooting on Clematis Street. A 24-year old man was left with non-life threatening injuries.

Police say the shooting was not random, but haven’t described any relationship between Grinnon and the victim.

The vehicle believed to have been used in that shooting was found in Deerfield Beach after the driver crashed it at an apartment complex. That man fled in another vehicle.

Grinnon is charged with possession of a weapon by a violent career criminal and resisting an officer without violence.

Previous charges against Grinnon dating back to 2014 include cocaine and fentanyl trafficking, as well as battery.