Wednesday March 24, 2021

Florida seems to be nearly overtaken by some exotic creatures! Some of which have been reported to have been found dead, in some people’s toilets. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has ruled that within the next few weeks the breeding and dealing of 16 of the most ecologically-damaging, non-native species must end in the State. The ban  is scheduled to apply to several species of python that have reproduced to crisis levels in the Everglades. The statewide ban on breeding and dealing also apply to all types of tegu lizards, anacondas, Nile monitor lizards and green iguanas. The science in the case of toilet monsters was just too much for the State of Florida to ignore. The spread of invasive species through sensitive ecosystems such as the Everglades is happening at such a dangerous clip that the State of Florida felt the duty to do something. The reptiles are also causing havoc in urban areas and endangering ecosystems rural and suburban. We’ll be following news from the FWC to find out just how they plan to combat these unwanted visitors.

Covid-19 has shown a considerable decrease as far as cases go in Hendry County Schools. The district as a whole has 7 students under quarantine, and 3 students showing positive results. A total of 3 staff members are under quarantine orders, while just one student is reported positive district wide. Hendry County School district is still participating in strict mask mandates, requiring all administrators, students and visitors to wear a mask on its campuses. As far as social distancing guidelines, the CDC has revised physical distancing recommendations to reflect at least 3 feet between students in classrooms and provide clearer guidance when a greater distance, such as 6 feet, is recommended.

Florida Supreme Court has acknowledged formal charges Tuesday that were filed against Charlotte Circuit Judge Scott H. Cupp. The investigative panel of the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission alleged, Cupp campaigned for the election of Richard Sullivan, an attorney based in LaBelle with a private practice, in his failed attempt to unseat the incumbent, Hendry County Court Judge Darrell Hill. The commission, which is an independent agency created by the Florida Constitution solely to investigate alleged misconduct by Florida state judges, claimed that the actions Cupp took constituted inappropriate conduct in violation of several canons of the Florida Code of Judicial Conduct and a chapter of the Florida Statutes. The report says the Cupp was warned about his actions but he continued anyway. You can read the entire article here: Florida Judge Faces Disciplinary Charges | Daily Business Review (

The Glades County Health Department will be providing COVID-19 vaccinations by appointment and walk-ins on Saturday, March 27th from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Please use the website to pre-register for appointments at:  https://my or call 866-201-6745 LOCATIONMuse Volunteer Fire Department (At the Honey Festival!) 1125 Rainbow Blvd, LaBelle, FL 33935

The Hendry County Health Department in Clewiston will be providing COVID-19 vaccinations by appointment and walk-ins on Sunday, March 28th from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Harlem Civic Center.

Please use the website to pre-register for appointments at:  https://my or call 866-201-6745

LOCATIONHarlem Community Center 7th Street, Clewiston, FL 33440 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Long-term care facility residents and staff;
  • Persons 50 years of age and older;
  • Health care personnel with direct patient contact;
  • The Health Department may now vaccinate the vulnerable individuals under the age of 50, however individuals must have the official Department of Health form signed by a physician which deems them high-risk.