Wednesday June 30, 2021

A news affiliate reports that Central Elementary School Principal Melissa Carter approved corporal punishment for four other students in the past. Carter was placed on leave as she was investigated in the case of a student seen paddled on video by her in April. And now, sources say, Carter signed off on paddling in the cases of four students between January 2020 and April 2021. Paul Puletti is the superintendent who got rid of corporal punishment in Hendry County in 2016. A report released says two of the five paddlings happened while Puletti was still in charge, of which he says, he was unaware. The Hendry County School Board reinstated Carter as principal. She returns to school in August. The State Department of Education found probable cause to sanction Carter for what’s on the video.

The number of confirmed deaths in the Miami condo collapse increased to 12 Tuesday evening. The number of those unaccounted for is now 149, while the number of people accounted for is 125. The mayor stressed the numbers are fluid and will continue to change. Of the 12 victims, 11 have been identified. The mayor said the search and rescue operation will continue as crews explore “all possible avenues” to reach potentially trapped people. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Chief Alan Cominsky said crews had removed approximately three million pounds of concrete. He added that they were going to continue the search full force. A grand jury investigation is being launched.

Almost 16 months into the coronavirus pandemic in the US and still no end in sight. The more dangerous and more transmissible Delta variant has even health experts concerned. Experts say though, they have every reason to believe that the vaccines, specifically the Moderna and the Pfizer vaccine are providing high amounts of protection against the variant. RD Williams, CEO of Hendry Regional Medical Center says, at only a 42% vaccination rate, unvaccinated Hendry County residents, at greater risk. Hendry currently has over 4900 cases recorded since the pandemic began, and nearly 90 deaths overall. The good news is, the hospital, the department of health and the HRMC clinics, are all offering testing and vaccinations, to help prevent the spread. The hospital will continue providing vaccinations with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine soon to come, also testing is still being done on a weekly basis.