Wednesday July 27, 2022


Police in Clewiston are searching for the person that threw a puppy from their vehicle while still driving down the street.

An approximately six-month-old puppy, named Noella, was thrown from a car in Clewiston on Friday. Police said they were called to the intersection of Olympia Street and West Aztec Avenue around 7 pm.

A witness driving behind a maroon-colored Kia called 911, telling officers she saw a dog being thrown from a car that was still moving.

Clewiston Police Chief Tom Lewis. Stated that

A concerned citizen that was driving behind the suspect vehicle actually observed the vehicles door open and the dog actually get tossed out of the moving car.

Police officers responded alongside animal services officers and were able to catch her right near the train tracks.

It was a close call, literally and figuratively. Where Noella was dumped is just two blocks away from the animal shelter. It’s a mere 60-second drive, but someone threw her out of the car and into harms way instead of taking her there.

Noella is already on the path to a playful life. She’s in Jupiter, Florida where the team at Furry Friends Adoption, Clinic and Rescue is treating her for fleas, ticks and bite marks on her face, which Clewiston PD thinks could be linked to dog fighting

Chief Lewis went on to say that the PD  thinks that these people are potentially local, It is a serious crime and Clewiston Police are going to catch this person.

 That could happen. All they need is for someone to pickup the phone and call, telling them who pushed Noella out of their moving car.

Clewiston Police is now asking for the public’s help to figure out who did this. They’re looking for a person who had a maroon-colored Kia, but no longer has a puppy.

Information leading to an arrest could be worth up to $3,000 from SWFL Crime Stoppers. You can submit an anonymous online tip to SWFL Crime Stoppers or call 1-800-780-TIPS.

If you’d like to support Noella’s road to recovery, you can donate to Furry Friends at


A pivotal milestone is at play for Lipman Family Farms located in Immokolee. The supplier has pulled back the curtain on the recent growth of its international footprint, as it has closed the deal on a 75-acre greenhouse facility in Jalisco, Mexico.

The purchase of this greenhouse makes Lipman vertically integrated in Mexico, continuing the company’s ongoing tradition of building out fresh vegetable supply services from the ground up.

“With over 70 years of experience in farming and now a strong team of greenhouse agronomists (uh-gron-uh-mist), fresh-cut processors, and food safety leaders in Mexico, they are set up very well to service their network out of Mexico. “Being a grower has always been the foundation of what they do, and they are proud of the progress to strengthen the connection between the farmer and the consumer.”

Lipman Family Farms harnesses the might of over 50 local field and greenhouse growers in North America, in addition to its land in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, to provide fresh, in-season produce and reduce delivery times to end consumers.


The Lee County School Board discussed a plan that would require parental notification if a student wants to change their pronouns, and name, or use a bathroom that matches their gender identity.

Lee County schools are considering a so-called voluntary form students would need to fill out if they wanted to change their gender identity at school.

The form includes various questions on topics ranging from extra-curricular activities to dress code.

Lee County school needs a plan for administrators, teachers and staff to handle what’s become a divisive issue.

After nearly a year of citizen and school district discussion, the district came up with what it calls a civil rights and equity guide.

One big piece of the puzzle is the gender support plan.

The plan states students need parents to sign off if the student wants to go by different pronouns, wants to use a different bathroom or locker room, or if they want to go by a different name.

The school district said it will go over every situation on a case-by-casis.

 No final decision has been made on the plan.  Once the plan is final, it would be voluntary and confidential.

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