Wednesday July 20, 2022


It costs $64 to fill an average-sized 15-gallon tank of gas in Florida and that’s $9 less than what drivers paid in mid-June, when gas prices hit their peak.

That’s one of AAA’s latest findings.  AAA spokesperson Mark Jenkins says that For the first time in a couple months, drivers in some Florida cities are beginning to find pump prices below $4 a gallon,

On Tuesday, AAA reported the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded in the state was $4.22. That’s down 3 cents from Monday, 16 cents from a week ago, and 59 cents from a month ago, but still $1.24 higher than this same time a year ago.

As we take a look by county  at the price of a gallon of regular unleaded in our area,

  • Palm Beach: $4.48, down 23.3 cents from July 6,
  • Martin: $4.40, down 21 cents from July 6,
  • St. Lucie: $4.20, down 31.9 cents from July 6,
  • Indian River: $4.23, down 28.4 cents from July 6, and
  • Okeechobee: $4.36, down 18.8 cents from July 6.

The cheapest we could find for Hendry country is  $4.19 at Semfuel on Josie Billy hwy in Clewiston with the piolet in South Bay next at $4.39 a gallon

Jenkins, from AAA, said Americans could be demanding less by shifting driving habits in response to high gas prices. On the other hand, he said concerns about a new strain of Covid-19 and potential lockdowns in China reenergized global demand concerns.

It’s important to remember that the market remains extremely volatile, and prices have the potential to bounce back, That particularly applies to hurricane season.


An update on the story we have been following – The family of the 10-year-old charged with threatening a mass shooting at school wants the Lee County Sheriff’s Office investigated for how it has handled the boy’s case.

The Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism, also known as FAIR, filed an official request to the United States Department of Justice to investigate LCSO for law enforcement misconduct on the 10yr olds behalf.

Letitia Kim, legal director for the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism is quoted as saying

By its very name, the Department of Justice stands for justice. And usually, that means helping ordinary people, especially children, when they are abused by the powerful. Daniel’s case is very compelling,” said

Kim sent the four-page request for the DOJ to investigate what she and the family say was the “wrongful arrest and mistreatment of a child” by LCSO.

Among Kim’s arguments is the creation and distribution of a TikTok video, posted to “Lee Sheriff Carmine Marceno,” 12 days after Daniel’s arrest and how it was edited to show the ten yr old being perp walked the AC/DC song, “Shoot to Thrill.” That has been circulated to Marcenos more than 350,000 TikTok viewers

In the letter to DOJ, Kim accuses Marceno of “fabricating and manipulating evidence” in quote, “cynical attempt to frame a 10-year-old in the eyes of the public.”

In the letter, Kim states: “Sheriff Marceno has a pattern and history of contempt for the rights of those under his power.” She references the names Marceno calls suspects, like “oxygen-stealer,” and how he says things like, “duct-tape them, shoot them dead,” all while posting “video of himself in military-style tactical gear.”

Marceno has repeatedly defended his actions as being tough on crime. He said Daniel’s texts were enough to arrest him, according to Florida Law.

As for a potential DOJ investigation, according to the DOJ’s website, the Department defines law enforcement misconduct as: “It’s a crime for someone acting under color of law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege. It adds, “Defendants act under color of law when they wield power vested by a government entity.”

Those prosecuted typically include police officers, sheriff’s deputies, prison guards, as well as public officials.


On July 19, 2022, Florida parents began receiving $450 checks and a letter from Governor Ron DeSantis in the mail.

The funds are part of the Hope Florida – A Pathway to Prosperity initiative, spearheaded by First Lady DeSantis and implemented by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

According to the press release from Governor DeSantis’ office, “$35.5 million in Governor DeSantis’ budget will support nearly 59,000 Florida families with a one-time payment of $450 per child, which includes foster families.”

During a roundtable session in Tampa on July 15, First Lady Casey DeSantis said “$35 million… will go to support foster and adoptive families, single moms across the state, they will receive a one-time payment of $450.”

The Governor’s Press Release and First Lady said that funds are intended to support foster families, adoptive families, and single parents.

Nothing has been released indicating how parents can check to see if they are eligible.


A body was found floating in the Matlacha canal behind a restaurant on Tuesday.

According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, a caller reported the person floating in the canal behind Blue Dog Bar & Grill at around 12:35 p.m. The restaurant is located off Pine Island Road.

Someone spotted the victim floating in the canal during lunch hour.

Deputies eventually moved the body along the shoreline and processed the scene as they waited for the Medical Examiner.

No information on the identity of the person is known at this time.

Deputies focused on a nearby boat, but did not say if it’s connected to the body.

The Major Crimes Unit for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office investigated the scene.