Wednesday July 13, 2022


Palm Beach County taxpayers may get some relief from high property taxes.

County Mayor Robert Weinroth is concerned that taxable property values are increasing due to soaring home prices in Palm Beach County.

The county property appraiser says chances are, homeowners in Palm Beach County will see a hike of 3-percent to 10-percent in their property taxes.

This is means homeowners will have to dig a little deeper in their wallets to pay their property taxes, at a time when they’re already saddled with rising inflation and higher prices for basic necessities such as groceries and gasoline.

Weinroth says it may be time to cut the millage rate, to give taxpayers a little relief from rising property taxes.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office budget request is also coming under scrutiny by Palm Beach County Commissioners.

The sheriff’s budget request is $595 million—much greater than the $478 million that is proposed for all other county departments that the county commission oversees.

But the sheriff’s office feels protecting the public is important and costs a lot of money and in the past, the sheriff’s office has resisted efforts to cut his budget.

Weinroth says based on negotiations so far, the sheriff’s budget for the coming year will be increased by $42 million, even though the sheriff had asked for a $52 million increase.

The sheriff’s office so far has not gotten body-worn cameras for deputies, but the sheriff has said that’s something he intends to do.

Mayor Weinroth says he wants to make it clear that the county commission is not de-funding PBSO. The sheriff’s office will get a budget increase, but a smaller increase than the sheriff’s office wanted.

Weinroth says the sheriff’s office has to have money to pay salary increases, and this should enable him to do that.


The Glades County school board wants to hear from contractors or developers who might want to build workforce housing in the Moore Haven area. 

They want to create more housing opportunities for teachers to live locally. 

Superintendent Dr. Beth Barfield said this is a way to get new ideas on the issue. 

“This is not a contract for anything, and this isn’t to tell us what you will do this for.  This is just to get the ball rolling, giving us some ideas, and opening up the line of communication.  If we sit back and do nothing, we are going to get nothing.” 

Glades was a C district this year. 

The only B school was Pemayetv Emahakv Charter School on the Brighton Seminole Indian Reservation. 

Board member Jean Prowant said the FSA showed the value of in person learning at the school. 

“They were totally online last year, and you see the effect of coming back to face-to-face instruction. They have huge gains.  I credit that to the face-to-face instruction.” 

On Sunday, a confrontation that started inside the Labelle Wal-Mart over windshield wipers followed one man into the parking lot.


The Hendry County Sheriff’s office said Wal-Mart employees accused Casey Kaye of stealing. They said Kaye did not ring up all of his items in the self-checkout line. Kaye said that is not the truth.

Kaye said the man who confronted him also pushed him when they were inside the store. Everything after that was recorded by another customer.

“The guy is basically following me out of the store top of his lungs yelling at me,” said Kaye.

In the video, you can hear both men yelling derogatory language in the parking lot. The person recording the video says the one man was just repeating the racial slurs Kaye was using towards employees. Kaye says that’s not the case.

The sheriff’s office pulled Kaye and his wife over after leaving the Wal-Mart parking lot. The report said they were told Kaye was threatening employees and customers with a gun.

In the video, you can hear someone threatening someone else with a pistol.

The sheriff’s office said at this time there have been no arrests. Representatives say they could be pursuing a warrant in the future.

Kaye said he plans to press charges against the man who allegedly pushed him.