Wednesday, August 17, 2022


A LaBelle mother is worried after an alligator tried to attack her three-year-old son right on her own property.

Alyssa Belin said that just three months ago they were able to swim in their pond, but now they have to share it with unwanted visitors.

“Belin stated that their stocked pond just had fish and turtles before the family went on vacation to see relatives in South Carolina, when they got back and it’s was full of alligators,

Belin noticed it was not just one gator, but four.

“According to Belin One of them is 4 to 5 feet, then there’s these little babies

She went on to say that she has called FWC many many times. And that They will not do anything about it, they say it’s their natural habitat,”

Belin said the final straw was when the gator tried to attack her three-year-old son Connor.

Belin was going to use a firearm but didn’t want to get in trouble because FWC said that she would go to jail if she did.

They also said that spring and summer are the most active season for gators as their metabolism increases and they actively look for food. Which is how they found Belin’s property.  Belin knows this all to well, she went on to state that

she has tried to keep our animals away but we have no more chickens, no more quails, they have eaten them and Belin has nothing left.

Now she’s left trying to take matters into her own hands.

“If anyone wants to come and volunteer to come get them out of here, you’re more than welcome to come,” Belin said.

FWC has marked August 15 to November 1 as recreational gator hunting season… But you have to be permitted,

FWC said they will relocate any gator that is a nuisance and longer than four feet.


A Clewiston man was arrested after he was caught breaking into a car Sunday night.

A Hendry County sergeant heard two loud bangs and the sound of glass shattering coming from across the street on the north side of Sugarland Highway.

The deputy got into his police car and drove to a parking lot where he saw Juan Ramirez-Secaida,age 26, run away with an item in his hand.

Ramirez-Secaida dropped the item on the ground when the sergeant took off running after him. The sergeant demanded him to stop, but he refused, according to the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office.

The sergeant was able to catch up to Ramirez-Secaida after he slipped and fell and was placed under arrest.

A small pink and white Adidas bag, the item he dropped, was obtained by the sergeant. When he got to the pickup truck that was broken into, he noticed a large concrete rock lying on the floor in front of the passenger’s seat.

Diapers, baby wipes, and clothes were located inside and the bag was returned to its owners.

Ramirez-Secaida was brought to the Hendry County Jail.


One year after the deadly shooting at the annual Brown Sugar Festival, Evereonna Sankey’s killer is still roaming free.

“A nurse graduate, 20 years old, and her life was just cut short for literally no reason,” her sister Teresa Addison said.

Investigators arrested one man, Larance Humphrey, on a first-degree felony charge days after the Brown Sugar Festival in 2021. Hendry County deputies said he tried to buy surveillance video of the shooting.

Humphrey is still in custody right now on a $100,000 bond, but the shooter is still out there.

Crimestoppers said delays like this are frustrating, but not unheard of.

“Unfortunately it happens more often than we would like,”said Trish Routte

to see family and friends and celebrate. That’s exactly what Evereonna’s family went to Clewiston to do, alongside 3,500 other attendees.

The Hendry County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) said they’ve spent more than 1,400 hours on this case, interviewed more than 200 people and traveled to cities all over Florida trying to find Evereonna’s killer.

Investigators with Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers.

For many Floridians, the Brown Sugar Festival is a homecoming: a chance also immediately started looking through digital evidence for clues, including video taken immediately after the shooting.

The sheriff’s office said they got seven anonymous tips after the shooting. While the amount of information coming in has slowed, the case is not cold. Investigators want anyone who remembers anything from that night who has stayed silent to speak up.

 You may have more information than you think. You may be able to provide some identifiers about the killer, such as tattoos, scars or a description of the individual. The community deserves closure, but most importantly the family deserves closure.” Says Routte

There is a “Festival in the Yard” planned next year. Instead of the standard Brown Sugar Festival, organizers want families to celebrate in their own yards with barbecues and music.

The HCSO said they’ll be there to help this go smoothly and safely.

There is a reward for tips leading to the arrest of Sankey’s killer  and anyone with information is asked to call the Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS