Tuesday May 25, 2021

28-year-old Vonkevioius Moore, and 43-year-old Henry Green of Belle Glade are accused having sex with a teen without disclosing their HIV status. The arrest report details that a 17-year-old boy told the sheriff’s office in October 2020 about the sexual relationship he had with the two men for the past 2 years. The boy said he and Moore met on an app where they agreed to meet up for sex. The teen said, during their sexual encounter, Green came in, and joined them. The teen told investigators he did not consent to sex with the other man, but he didn’t object to it verbally. The teen admitted to having unprotected sex with both men during that time. The report says the teen told investigators that six months into the relationship, he started to have pain and sores where he couldn’t sit down for long periods of time. He also lost 50 pounds and learned he tested positive for HIV. In a recorded phone call with the teenager, Green admitted to his HIV status. Medical records showed he’d been HIV positive since 2005. Moore denied having HIV. His health record showed, he’d been positive since 2014. Both Moore and Green are facing charges of lewd and lascivious battery on a victim 12 to 16, and HIV infected person having sex without informing partner.

Charles Murphy of our sister station WOKC in Okeechobee reports, Hendry and Glades County have been talking about a jail deal. Hendry has an overcrowded jail and they are planning an additional pod. Glades County has plenty of space in the Glades Detention Center that lacks federal ICE inmates. We’ve learned that placing female inmates is a growing issue as well. Glades County Sheriff David Hardin says inmate numbers overall continue to dwindle at the Glades County jail facility.

A man delivered an angry speech on video targeted at a Palm Beach school district after it unveiled its new equity statement. Part of the statement emphasized the “white advantage” and pledged to fight against racism and “other systems of oppression and inequity.” Parents have sent complaints about the statement’s language. It was approved in May and the district is currently considering whether it should pull out the “white advantage” part. The school district’s new equity statement and mask mandate have made parents worry and raised serious concerns. The statement reads, “each student — regardless of race, ethnicity, poverty, disability, language status, undocumented status, religious affiliation, gender identity, and sexual orientation — will have access to the opportunities, resources, and support they need.” The statement continues. “The School District of Palm Beach County is committed to dismantling structures rooted in white advantage, and transforming our system, by hearing and elevating under-represented voices, sharing power, recognizing and eliminating bias, and redistributing resources to provide equitable outcomes.” The school board is considering removing the “white advantage” reference from its declaration.

The state of Florida revealed Monday that beginning on June 26, it will no longer give the $300 federal unemployment supplement. The is part of the governors back to work plan. The benefits were originally set to expire in September. The governor also reinstated the requirement for people receiving unemployment to apply to five jobs per week. Some small business owners, especially those in industries such as restaurants, have complained of being unable to hire enough workers as the state continues to bounce back from the pandemic and pointed to the increased benefits as one of the reasons they couldn’t hire anyone.