Tuesday May 11, 2021

The Clewiston High School Track and Field team saw 7 student athletes at the state qualifiers this past weekend, in Jacksonville. The 4×1 team won 4th in its classification! The 4×4 team came in 12th place with a time less than a second from their own personal record, an outstanding accomplishment for such a young team of mostly underclassmen. Oran Singleton won 8th place in the long jump. This team was a special one for coach Jay Similian as he says, this is the largest team in the last 5 seasons. Coach says he’s now looking to recruit more student athletes for next season.

The Health Care District of Palm Beach County is celebrating 30 years of Palm Beach County’s Trauma System. The Health Care District recognizes the many professionals who play key roles in this round-the-clock system. In 2020, the Trauma System treated more than 2,400 Palm Beach County residents and visitors. Today the most common type of traumatic injury in Palm Beach County is falls, followed by motor vehicle crashes. Senior adult falls comprise 29% of total trauma volume. The month of May also marks national Trauma Awareness Month. For more information, visit www.hcdpbc.org.

Governor Ron DeSantis held a press conference on Monday calling for more management over Lake Okeechobee discharges. The governor took aim at the Army Corps of Engineers, saying there needs to be more regulation of discharges during the dry season. DeSantis took a helicopter from Fort Myers to the east coast on Monday. Governor Ron DeSantis took to the skies to survey the blue-green algae on Lake O and in our waterways for himself. Algae is a major concern for those who live near the water. Leaders are urging the Army Corps of Engineers to minimize the harmful discharges by releasing more water during the dry season. People are concerned that this could be another bad summer, as lake levels are higher than is comfortable, with rainy season quickly approaching.

Animal Control Officers Jamie Wright and Amanda Nelson report a story, we all need to hear. Penny the pitbull came to Clewiston Animal Control as a stray back in March, from running the streets in an area of town known for puppy mills and dog fighting. Well one day she ended up on the steps of a sweet stranger, who cared for her for an entire week, before calling CAC. Officers say Penny came in slightly underweight, dirty and a bit scarred up. After a good bath and some TLC she proved to be a happy healthy pooch. Penny’s story darkens though as the shelter faced overcapacity, after receiving 12 dogs at one time while already having 10 dogs, and only 14 kennels in total. After multiple attempts for rescues, 6 pups now faced euthanasia, including Penny. CAC took to its Facebook page in one last effort toward rescues. With that, the agency received OVER 65 calls in just one day! One call, however, stood out over all the rest. This call, was a call for Penny. After seeing the post, Penny’s original owners made to the facility in record time. And the connection, at that point, was undeniable. The family told officers, Penny had been missing…for TWO YEARS! The family says Penny is now a happy healthy girl and still, as Pretty, as a Penny.