Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Local Recall Election Rejected

Pahokee voters will not be going to the polls today for a recall election, as a Palm Beach County judge has cancelled the recall of Vice Mayor Regina Bohlen.  City Attorney Gary Brandenburg says the recall was not handled legally and would not have stood up in court. He says he saved the city a lot of time and money, upwards of $30,000 to be exact. Regina Bohlen commented, saying the judge made the decision and the decision stands. Bohlen will face incumbent Mayor Keith Babb on the March 8th ballot 

Mental Health Resources: Suicide Prevention

Miss USA and other high-profile suicides are sparking intense conversations and making the message of suicide prevention even more crucial now than ever. The 211 Helpline is available any time of day or night should someone find themselves in a mental health or suicidal crisis. Professional care and the building of resilience can help people gain the tools to navigate trauma and challenging times. Greater awareness surrounding the available mental health resources and removing barriers to care are important components in creating stronger mental health in the community. Dial 2-1-1 or text your zip code to TXT211 (898211) for more information. Calls to 211 are free, confidential, and available 24/7. Even if are associated with or know someone who is having a mental health crisis or thoughts of suicide, dial 2-1-1 and if requested- a Mobile Crisis Response team can come to you to provide care and support. 

Two South Bay Women Arrested in Fraud Ring

Two South Bay women are part of a 4-woman team from Palm Beach County, who are accused of trying to rip off an insurance company. According to the state, this was involving “forged insurance billing forms and doctor visits that never happened. Detectives from the state say Cocynthia Hodge, 30, of South Bay, submitted an online claim detailing charges totaling over $89,000,000 for a fake nine-day hospital stay. Her claim was denied but she could’ve been paid more than $10,000. Cocynthia Hodge is charged with insurance fraud. Chastity Barry of Loxahatchee had Aflac policies for herself and her three children. The policies yielded 20 claims and she was paid $39,695 for the “hospitalizations.” Berry is charged with using fraud or swindling to obtain property. Darneshia Hodge, of South Bay, had an Aflac policy for herself, her husband and two dependents. The state contends she filed 16 “fraudulent claims” and was paid $20,500. Darneshia Hodge is charged with one count of using fraud or swindling to obtain property, and four counts of obtaining controlled substances by fraud. Martine Charles, of West Palm Beach, is fourth in the fraudulent network. Aflac found Charles submitted an online claim for “an alleged hospital stay and got $10,070 for a nine-day-stay that authorities say, never happened. Charles is also charged with insurance fraud. All four women were booked on Friday. Darneshia Hodge is out of jail on $17,000 bond, according to a news source. The others are out of jail on $5,000 bond each. Detectives say all 4 girls submitted the illegal claims, from the same computer at the doctor’s office where they worked.