Tuesday December 28, 2021

The State of Florida Combats Robocalls and Texts

Attorney General Ashley Moody issued a Consumer Alert, warning Floridians of the rise in robotexts. Robotexts have existed for a while, but with Americans on track to receive 86 million automated text messages this year, robotexts are now more prevalent than robocalls. Americans are projected to receive 71 billion robotexts in 2021, according to a state report. Based off recent trends, Floridians alone are expected to get nearly 5 billion robotexts this year, making Florida one of the most spam-texted states in the nation. Attorney General Moody recently led an effort to stop illegal robocallers from misusing legitimate phone numbers. Report scam robotexts and robocalls to the Federal Trade Commission by clicking here.

New Details in Death of Palm Beach County Teen

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating the tragic death of 14-year-old Vensly Maxime, whose body was found on Christmas day, just before 5:00 pm in the area of the Royal Palm Beach Recreation Center.  Detectives say that Vensly and a friend met up after school. The friend, who was not named, said Vensly started to not feel well, so they started walking home.  The noted that Vensly began to act in an unusual manner. But the friend continued home and Vensly stayed in the area of the Recreation Center. Vensly was not seen again until his body was discovered on Christmas day.   Investigators say there were no signs of trauma or injury.  Authorities indicate that Vensly may have suffered a medical episode prior to entering the water.  Drowning was not a factor.  This investigation is ongoing.

Agriculture and Renewable Energy

Florida agriculture has agreed to reduce their carbon footprint. The 2021 Florida Energy and Climate Summit, looked at ways agriculture is helping the environment.  Andrew Sauber of Florida Crystals says, his company has embraced solar and wind power on the farm. He says the new systems could do wonders for electricity costs at the mills. There are currently 47 thousand farms in operation in Florida using some 9 point 7 million acres. 

Spring Speaker Series at Clewiston Museum

The Clewiston Museum has announced, the spring speaker series will feature local guests who will be presenting about local interests and issues. The series will open on Thursday, January 20 with a program featuring Ed Metzger from the South Florida Water Management District. He will be talking about the invasive Burmese Pythons’ impact on the Everglades and the efforts being taken to remove them. Pythons have become invasive in the Florida Everglades. Invasive Animal Biologist Metzger will discuss the history of the issue, current management strategies, and the future of the Burmese Python invasion in Florida. Metzger earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a certificate in Biodiversity Conservation and Management from Florida International University in 2011. He currently focuses on Burmese Python management as an Invasive Animal Biologist at the South Florida Water Management District in West Palm Beach. The speaker series begins Thursday January 20th with Ed Metzger, at the Clewiston Museum.