Thursday, March 17, 2022

Alligator Mating Season

It’s mating season for alligators! Key West Aquarium is warning swimmers not to swim in murky waters. And, if alligators are hungry and people are in the water, they may go for your ankles. And don’t bother trying to run because alligators can easily outrun people, hitting speeds up to 20-mph on land. But if you do run, run in a zig-zag formation, it’s harder for an alligator to turn and chase you. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says these alligators eat snakes, turtles, smaller mammals, small birds, and fish. But, if the opportunity is there, alligators have no fear. They’ll attack and eat deer, sheep, cows, boars, and even other alligators. Most recently, a dog, on a college campus. It’s mating season now for the gator so, experts say, if you see a gator in the wild, leave it alone and admire it from afar. However, if you find yourself bit by an alligator, experts recommend making a lot of noise and using force, like poking the gator’s eyes. You shouldn’t have to worry about that though if you keep your distance from their habitats.

Local Woman Breaks Sports History

Michigan’s football program hires the first female graduate assistant among the NCAA’s Power 5 schools, and she’s from the Glades. Milan “Mimi” Bolden-Morris will join the Wolverines’ staff on June 1 as a graduate assistant working with the quarterbacks. Bolden-Morris is a former athlete herself, having spent the past year and a half on the Georgetown women’s basketball team. Prior to Georgetown, Bolden-Morris attended Boston College where she set the BC freshman record with 80 made 3-point baskets. A native of Belle Glade Bolden-Morris is the older sister of Michigan defensive end Mike Morris. This hire at Michigan is notable because few women get an opportunity to coach football at any level, especially the college game. The Michigan Live periodical quoted Bolden Morris as saying, “The opportunity to be the first female GA in the Power 5, especially the Big Ten, is an absolute honor.” Congrats to Belle Glade native Milan Bolden Morris, the first female graduate assistant at a Power Five School.

Sugar Express Rides Again

According to, steam-powered train locomotive will take is second public ride on April 9th and 10th between Clewiston and Moore Haven. These two-hour roundtrips will depart Clewiston at 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 4:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets sales began yesterday at around 6, and as of this morning, are already sold out. The narrated tour of US Sugar farming operations with views of the Florida countryside, The ride will include one dining car, one open-air car, and  lounge seating options. Seats are not assigned and available on a first-come, first-serve basis during boarding. Parking and boarding will take place at Basilian Cres and South Deane Duff Avenue, Clewiston, Florida. For best seating options, arrive early for boarding. No word yet on when or if a third ride is scheduled.

Funding for STEM Programs

Today, Governor Ron DeSantis announced $289 million across Florida for programs that will ensure Florida is continuing to meet the needs of its students, teachers and families. Governor DeSantis made the announcement at Hialeah Educational Academy, a school that has dedicated STEM programs and offers certificate programs in a variety of fields including law enforcement, nursing and fire rescue. The $289 million includes funding for STEM programs, civics education and after-school and summer learning programs. For more information about the announcement, click here.

Daylight Saving Time Gets Unanimous Vote

On Tuesday, the US Senate passed a bill to make Daylight Saving Time permanent year-round. The legislation passed the Senate by unanimous consent and would make Daylight Saving Time, which happens from March through November, “the new, permanent standard time.” The bill would need to be passed by the House and signed by President Biden in order to become law. Proposals to make Daylight Saving Time permanent have been floated frequently in recent years but one had not been passed by the Senate until now. Currently just two states, including Hawaii and Arizona, do not observe Daylight Saving Time.