Thursday July 14, 2022


A woman in West Palm Beach is accused of giving the state false information repeatedly for more than a year, and getting benefits worth more than $7,000 she should not have received.

An investigator with the Florida Department of Financial Services Division of Public Assistance Fraud, said Wanda Soba didn’t “disclose a material fact used in making a determination as to her qualification to receive aid or benefits.”

The dates in question were between June 1, 2019, and Sept. 30, 2020, and there were four “reviews of her eligibility to receive public assistance.”

According to the complaint, records from the Florida Department of Children and Families showed on or about Jan. 3, 2019, Soba reported making $95.25 every other week from Walmart, and “had no other earned income available to her household.”

Then, DCF records showed on or about July 2, 2019, and Jan. 14, 2020, she reported making between $80.25 and $80.47 every other week from Walmart, and “had no other earned income available to her household.”

The complaint also said Soba “submitted verification of employment forms reflecting biweekly wages ranging from $61.50 to $91.80 from Walmart.”

The complaint adds, “Soba acknowledged that the reported information is true to the best of her knowledge and acknowledged her responsibility to report any changes in her household.”

The state investigated and found Soba’s money situation to be quite a bit different.

The investigators found multiple false information issues on Soba and that she         

Was “gainfully employed by Soma Medical Center, PA from April 22, 2019, through at least Sept. 30, 2020,” which was more than the entire time period; Making over 40k during this time she also “Submitted a falsified Verification of Employment/Loss of Income form on July 8, 2020, in that the gross wages reflected were underreported;

Authorities said by doing what she did, “Soba received $4,164 in Food Assistance Program benefits [dates] to which she was not legally entitled.

“Additionally, Wanda Soba received or caused disbursement of $2,956.19 in Medicaid program benefits [dates] to which she was not legally entitled; for a total amount of $7,120.19 to which she was not legally entitled.”

Wanda Soba, 32, was charged with engaging in public aid fraud.

She was booked on Monday at 6:26 a.m., and was released in lieu of $3,000 bond on the same day, before noon.


Two people were found shot in West Palm Beach on Wednesday night, according to West Palm Beach Police Department.

As noted by authorities, a 17-year-old male was found shot on the sidewalk multiple times. He was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital.

The shooting occurred on the 900 block of 32nd Street just before 7 P.M, just east of Australian Avenue and south of 25th Street, according to authorities.

The second victim was a man found behind a house, dead on scene. His age is currently unknown.

According to West Palm Beach PD, it’s not confirmed if the two are connected.

We will bring you more information on this story as we receive it


A 9-year-old boy called 911 after he caught his mother’s boyfriend choking her, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies found the 40-year-old woman sitting in her driveway in Lake Worth Beach on Monday night. The sheriff’s office said the victim was distraught and covered in blood.

The deputies said the woman’s injuries were severe—her face was swollen, she was missing a tooth and had multiple deep cuts across her face.

The victim told deputies she got into a heated argument with her boyfriend, 38-year-old Javie Miller. She said Miller began beating her after she told him she wanted him to move out. Then, Miller began to choke her and she lost consciousness.

The woman told the sheriffs, once she regained consciousness, Miller was standing next to her.

According to the arrest report, she told him, “I can’t believe you just choked me out.”

Miller then replied, “I will kill you,” and “I might as well finish you off,” according to deputies.

Investigators said the victim’s screams caught the attention of her son. According to the arrest report, the boy rushed into the room and screamed at Miller to stop—when he didn’t, the boy told Miller he was calling the police. That’s when Miller let go of the woman and ran out of the house.

Deputies arrested Miller and he was charged with attempted murder and battery. His bond is set at $100,000