Thursday, February 3, 2022

Clewiston Woman Arrested for Child Abuse

The Clewiston Police Department said Clewiston resident Gabrielle Jones, 35, was arrested for child neglect with great bodily harm and aggravated child abuse, after she intentionally threw boiling water on her daughter. Jones’ daughter said that she was doing her sister’s hair in a style that required hot water. The younger sister was accidentally burned by the hot water and Jones became enraged. Police say Jones boiled water on the stove, and threw it on her daughter, and they became involved in a physical altercation. Detective Williams worked the case for the Clewiston Police Department, and he said Jones’ daughter had blisters on her right arm from the water. A nurse with the Children’s Advocacy Center told the detective that she did believe the victim had second-degree burns from the incident. Investigators said she never took her daughter to the hospital or provided the child with any medical supplies for the burn. Jones was released from jail on bond, and the children are reportedly staying with their grandmother in a Clewiston hotel. Detectives say Jones received a court order prohibiting her from having any contact with the children.

Endangered Panthers Found Dead

Two endangered Florida panthers have died after being struck by a vehicle in separate incidents. They’re the fourth and fifth deaths attributed to fatal collisions, out of five total deaths this year, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The remains of a 3-year-old female panther were found Friday along an Immokalee Road in Collier County, wildlife officials said. Then on Monday, a 2-year-old female panther was found dead along Interstate 75, near the western Alligator Alley toll plaza. A total of 27 Florida panthers were found dead last year, with 21 deaths attributed to vehicles, according to state records. That was up from 22 total deaths in 2020.

Groups Call For Glades Detention Center Close

Freedom for Immigrants dot org reports, a group of 17 members of the U.S. House urged the Biden administration to immediately close the Glades County Detention Center, located in Moore Haven, which was recently subject to investigation by the civil rights division. Among the alleged abuses at Glades, immigrants have been subject to racist abuse, verbal abuse and violence; sexual abuse, life-endangering COVID-19 and medical neglect, including a near-fatal carbon monoxide leak last November. John Ahern, Chairman of the Glades County Detention Center Board said, the information is disheartening to hear, and it’s cost the community a lot. Glades County’s contract with DHS is up for renewal in March, according to a press release. The Shut Down Glades Coalition urges the Biden administration to release, not transfer, those who remain at Glades and act now to permanently close the detention center. 

Puppy Rescued in Clewiston

Clewiston Animal Services took to their Facebook Page to thank residents for their dedication to our animal friends in the community. Recently, a dog was found stuck in a storm drain. The newly revamped Animal Services department admitted that, initially, the staff couldn’t get 2-year-old Stormy out.  Well with the help of Clewiston firefighters, they were able to get her out. The dog is now safe and sound and was unharmed during the incident.

US Sugar Air Quality Report Released

For the second straight year, U.S. Sugar is releasing air quality data from government and private sources showing the results of three years of air quality monitoring in the Glades farming communities. The latest report also includes internal data collected by professional air monitoring experts on behalf of U.S. Sugar confirming the public air quality data. President and CEO Robert Buker says, the report shows that the Glades communities have air that is good, safe and clean,”. For more information and to read this and last year’s report, please visit: