Thursday, February 10, 2022

Romance Scams

Well scammers are on the move again, this time in the name of love. With Valentine’s Day coming up, criminals are looking to steal your wallet, not your heart.  These are called “romance scams.”  The FBI says it happens more often than we hear about, and not JUST around Valentines Day. The scammers take advantage of connections made on dating apps, social media or even online games with chat functions. The victim might think they’re meeting and chatting with the love of their life, when in fact, that person isn’t real many of the times. They remain behind the scenes stealing hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars. The FBI says women over 40 that are widowed, disabled or divorced are the usual targets, but anyone can fall victim here. Last year, the FBI says $1,000,000,000 was reported stolen in romance scams. We have tips posted to our website to help spot and avoid romance scams.

Hurricane and Flooding Awareness Day

Thursday, February 10th is Hurricane and Flooding Awareness Day. Following on the heels of a record-breaking 2020 hurricane season, the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season was another active one across the tropical Atlantic. A total of 21 named storms, including 7 hurricanes and 4 major hurricanes, moved across the Atlantic basin in 2021. Most importantly, 8 of these storms hit the U.S. coastline, including three in Florida. Fortunately for South Florida, these weren’t among the strongest of the season, with only Elsa and Fred producing limited impacts across our part of the state. Keep in mind though, it doesn’t take a major hurricane to produce significant impacts. Tropical storms directly impacting South Florida have been known to produce severe flooding, damaging winds and tornadoes. About 90 percent of all hurricane-related deaths nationwide occur from drowning from either the storm surge or freshwater flooding. We’ve gotta become familiar with our county’s storm surge evacuation zones and know whether we live in one or not. Visit Hendry County’s emergency management web site for more information on evacuation zones. Regardless of the short- or long-term hurricane outlook, South Floridians need to be prepared every year. It only takes one big storm to have long-lasting impacts.

Dog Ban Goes to Florida Legislature

Are you a dog lover, especially of big breeds like pit bulls or German Shepherds? Well listen up, there could be some big news for you and your big canine companion. A bill that would get rid of laws targeting specific dog breeds is moving forward in the Florida Legislature. For more than 30 years, Miami Dade County has banned what is often referred to as “pit bull breeds,” like Staffordshire Bull Terriers and American Bulldogs. Well, this bill would no longer allow those bans, and instead, ensure a dog would only be judged by their behavior under Florida’s Dangerous Dog Law. The Florida House bill will be considered in the Regulatory Reform Subcommittee Tuesday, and eventually could go to the full House for a vote.

Hendry County Motor Sports Park: Season Opening Winner

Davie Franek and Mark Smith opened the “USCS Sprint Car Series 2022 campaign” with wins, during the season opening weekend at Hendry County Motorsports Park in Clewiston. Franek was the winner on Friday night, with Smith taking the victory on Saturday night. On Friday night, Franek raced from the pole position to the win, to open the USCS weekend. The USCS Sprint Car Series returns to action on Friday, February 11 at Needmore Speedway in Norman Park, Georgia. For more information, visit