Thursday December 30, 2021

Hendry County Releases Holiday Warning

So its already started outside of our doors and windows: fireworks and gunfire in anticipation of the New Year. The Hendry County Sheriff’s Office says, on New Year’s Eve, it’s not uncommon for deputies to receive multiple reports of gunfire and fireworks. The agency released some information you should know:

A lot of people unlawfully shoot guns into the air as a way to bring in the New Year. This is dangerous, and IT IS ILLEGAL no matter if you live in the city limits or outside, and there are penalties that come with the violation of this ordinance. Senate Bill 140 legalized the recreational use of fireworks for three holidays a year — Independence Day and New Year’s Day — AND on New Year’s Eve. However…according to Florida law, the three designated holidays do not supersede existing local government ordinances or neighborhood covenants and restrictions, already in place. The agency reminds everyone to please act responsibly, and in accordance with the law.

Florida Breaks Another Daily Record for COVID Cases

Florida reported 46,923 new COVID-19 cases for Dec. 28, shattering the previous record set just days ago, according to the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data. Tuesday’s figure broke the state’s second-highest pandemic caseload set on Christmas Eve with a 43-percent increase. According to The Associated Press, the daily case count has now climbed to about 265,000 per day on average. Infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci reportedly said Wednesday, that vaccinated and boosted people shouldn’t cancel this weekend’s New Year’s Eve plans.

Grant Funds Awarded to Western Palm Beach County Residents and Organizations

As 2021 comes to a close, Healthier Glades, is investing in residents and nonprofit organizations, to provide a range of programs to support behavioral health in western Palm Beach County’s communities in 2022. Funding from the United Way of Palm Beach County provided $10,000 as mini-grants to three residents and three organizations to implement their ideas for impacting behavioral health in the region. The funding from Healthier Glades into grassroots efforts hold a total investment of $60,000 to-date. Residents from Belle Glade who received mini-grants are as follows:  Sara Puente of Sun Valley Healthcare will organize the “Take Charge of Our Health” community health fair. Jeffrey Willis will offer a program from Muck City Anglers (MCA) the “Total MCA Experience,” a program created to enhance the lives of youth through recreational fishing featuring group discussions based on everyday life topics. Derrek Moore will offer a COVID-19 Prevention Program to provide hygiene kits and masks to Glade’s area residents. Nonprofit organizations will that will lead initiatives include:

Annie Ifill, project director for Healthier Glades, says, “No one knows better how to strengthen the health and wellness of the people of our community better than the residents and grassroots organizations themselves.”

Coyotes in Rural Areas of Florida

Experts say coyotes continue to expand their territory in Florida. Charles Murphy of our sister station WOKC in Okeechobee sat down with Biologist Angeline Barker. Barker says, little dogs are frequently a target for coyotes. She says they mostly are looking for an easy meal. Barker says they also enjoy just regular dog food. And in rural farm areas like ours, there’s plenty of opportunity for a meal. While no studies have been done Barker says it appears the coyote population has continued to increase in Florida over the past few years.