News Cast 11/3

News Cast for November 3rd:

Accident rate climbing.

Florida has surpassed 306,000 thousand total crashes in 2022.

They had been expecting to set a record for crashes this year.

Over 2,400 hundred people have died on Florida roads.

Okeechobee reported 544 total crashes this year with seven fatalities and 376 injuries.  There have been 101 hit and run crashes here.

The sheriff released details on a pedestrian crash on Monday night.

Deputies said a 64 year old male was struck and dragged by a vehicle on state road 70 west.

The vehicle, was driven by a 50 year old man.

Both of the driver and the pedestrian were Okeechobee residents.

The patient was airlifted to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Deputies said they did not know if the man survived.

Glades County has had 124 total crashes this year with seven fatalities, 39 injuries, and 13 hit and run crashes.

Florida highway patrol Lt. Greg Bueno said drivers need to be careful especially passing on two lane roads.

“When you make those aggressive maneuvers you have to understand there are side roads, there are curves, and at times its hard to judge the speed of oncoming traffic.”

He said drivers are driving faster, more aggressively, and are more easily distracted.

A new study from 1-800 injured found Glades County had the highest rate of fatal crashes mostly due to their lack of population.  The fatality rate was 5.6 people per thousand.

Okeechobee county ranked 23rd among Florida counties with a rate of 2.6 per thousand.

The study used date from 2010-2019.

A 36-unit apartment complex turned down in Belle Glade.

Neighbors on Palm Street objected to noise, traffic and drainage problems the project could bring.

Anna Alvarez said there is already enough noise in that residential neighborhood.

“Social gatherings don’t bother us.  Our question is who will be responsible in the wee hours of the night when we are trying to get some rest and are unable to.”

Mayor Steve Wilson honored missionary Desmond Harriot with the Joseph Biden Lifetime Achievement Award.

He came to Belle Glade in 1985 from Haiti.

Some improvement projects at the Glades Airport are two months behind schedule due to supply chain and other issues.

Okeechobee Mayor Dowling Watford is one of five candidates on the ballot for three seats on Okeechobee city council.

He participated in a recent political forum at the freshman campus.

Issues like code enforcement, city spending, the local economy, and downtown improvements were discussed.

Watford asked the voters to be re-elected for another term.

“I hope over my term on city council I have demonstrated the dedication and leadership that is necessary to serve on city council.”

Watford said he thinks the city is very business friendly and responsive to businesses and contractors.

He said he wants to be fair to all businesses and create an atmosphere where businesses want to come here.