News Cast 11/15

News Cast for November 15th:

A plea scheduled in DUI manslaughter cases

Daylon Youngblood is scheduled to change his plea to two DUI manslaughter cases on December 12.

The Okeechobee man was allegedly impaired during two fatal crashes in 2020.

Its alleged Youngblood was impaired in a crash on state road 70 east that killed Mitch Mitchell.

After bonding out of jail, he was alleged to have been involved in another crash on 710 that claimed the life of 20 year old Joshua Rothermel and injured two others.

The defense is asking for a downward departure from state sentencing guidelines.

They want probation and mental health treatment rather than incarceration.

Glades County reported progress in the pickup of Hurricane Ian debris.

They also will submit a bid to try and attract the Florida road race for bicyclist’s tour again.

County Manager Marcos Montes De Oca said planning on renovations at the Buckhead Ridge fire department are ongoing.

He said they will only use the fire department for Glades County employees.

“I want to address rumors in Buckhead Ridge.  The county is making a large investment in this facility and it is for Glades County employees not for Okeechobee County (fire rescue) to come and sit in there.”

They donated $1,000 to Wreaths across America to place wreaths at the Ortona cemetery on the graves of veterans.  The annual event is planned for December 18th.

Jennifer Roth was named the new director of the Highlands County Health Department.

The county also expects to pick up around 450,000 cubic yards of debris from Hurricane Ian.

Resident Dennis Powell urged the county to clean out more drainage canals.

“I see a lot of vegetation in drainage ditches need to be cleaned out.  I know Highlands County can’t afford to do this.  We could get EPA and water management districts involved.”

Hurricane Ian turned out to be a one in a 500 year storm event for Highlands County.

Beware of buying a used car after Ian.

Car Fax estimates that before the storm there were 400,000 vehicles on our roads with flood damage.

Spokesperson Emilie Voss said the storm added another 358,000 vehicles with storm damage.

They advise used car buyers to get an independent inspection done by a mechanic which usually costs around $100.

Things to look for include rust, water spots, upholstery stains and musty odors in the vehicle.

“Sometimes they are very low mileage vehicles.  Many times you won’t have a clue based upon a walk through and from looking at the car.  Cosmetically they can look great.  They can run great the day you buy them.  They are literally rotting from the inside out.  That salt water is corrosive and will eventually catch up.”