News Cast 11/14

News Cast for November 14th:

OUA to hash out issues

The Okeechobee Utility Authority Board will hold a workshop meeting today to discuss issues like employee salaries.

They continue to discuss their future offices, whether to remodel and improve the downtown offices, or buy something else like the Seacoast bank building for sale on SE 18th Terrace.

The owner wants $915,000 thousand while the appraisal is $707,000.

Chairman John Creasman said the powers that be have no preference of where the OUA offices are located.

“I have talked to the county administrator, I’ve talked to the mayor, city administrator and county commissioners about the location.  They have the same position.  It is not our position to tell you where to be.  Today with electronic checking what does it matter.”

They also want to talk over mandatory connections once sewer is available with the county and city.

Board member Tommy Clay said these workshops with the city and county don’t work.  He spoke on a lack of interest in the city and county about OUA projects.

“There is nobody here at these meetings.  There has not been one commissioner or one councilman here to discuss any of this.”

The OUA is also considering the sale of 66 acres of land they own.

Palm Beach County is contributing $2.5 million to improve farm housing around Belle Glade.

The US Department of Agriculture is considering a $10.7 million dollar grant for the Okeechobee and Osceola Centers.

The work would repair, remodel or rebuild 534 units.

Palm Beach County Commissioner Malissa McKinley said farm workers deserve decent housing.

“They work hard and nobody deserves to live like that.  Some people said rude things on social media that its better than where they come from.  That is unacceptable.  We should not let anyone in any part of the world live in conditions like that.  We are the United States and we will do something about it.”

A 2019 inspection of the complex found cock roaches, rats, holes in the walls, and black mold in the units.

Buy early and buy on sale.

That the advice for turkey consumers for thanksgiving.

Beth Breeding with the National Turkey Federation was asked will turkeys be more expensive this year?

“Food prices are definitely up across the grocery store.  That does impact turkey. We have higher costs for feed, fuel and other factors.  People should look for deals at the grocery store.  Many will offer special discounts if you buy a lot of groceries, definitely take advantage of deals because you can get a great value.”

She said there are proper ways to freeze left over turkey, which can last up to six months, and be more economical for your budgets.

Tips and recipes are online at

A stolen Ford F 550, trailer and a John Deere Excavator taken from behind Buxton’s Funeral Home on North Parrott Avenue sometime on November 9th.

Police and deputies are actively working the case.

You can contact the Sheriff at 763-3117 and city police at 763-5521.

A scare for a young boy on Veterans Day.  City police said a suspicious incident in the 500 block of SW 19th Street involved a white Chevrolet Malibu.  The boy said the older woman with gray hair tried to convince him to come to her car.  He ran inside instead.

Glades County prosecutors did not file aggravated battery with a deadly weapon charges against 34 year old Thomas Santana.

He turned himself in on September 17 after he allegedly shot Victor Bartlett in a dispute over a woman.

The victim was shot in the back and left leg and survived the shooting in front of a Moore Haven business.

This week is Farm City week, it is an effort to educate the city about the farm.

Okeechobee will host the annual luncheon on Thursday at the Agri Civic Center.

Micky Bandi representing the Okeechobee County Farm Bureau said they appreciate the county commissions support of agriculture.

“On behalf of all the entities that help to put on the event we want to thank you for always making this a priority and letting us use the ag center.  This is something we put on at zero profit.  It gets harder with inflation and food prices.   We highlight the youth and what they do in our community.”

The event highlights the many youth clubs and organizations in Okeechobee related to agriculture.