News Cast 10/3

News Cast for October 3rd:

Hendry County Waste Pick-Up

(October 1, 2022) – LaBelle, Fla. – Hendry County regular curbside waste pick up will resume on Monday, October 3.

Residents should expect delays in pick up.

There will be no recyclable or horticulture pick up until further notice. Please do not put recycling bins or horticulture out for pick up until notified that those pick-up services will resume.

Storm debris pick up will begin Monday, October 3.

Hendry County is included in the SBA disaster declaration. If your business has been impacted by Hurricane Ian, please see the information below. Also, you can report damage and find a link to apply for an emergency bridge loan at:

Per Clewiston Police Department “Unfortunately, major storms bring many out-of-area contractors offering help just to take your money and never be seen again. They travel from one disaster to another preying on the unsuspecting. Below are contractor scam warning signs. If you have any doubt or questions, call the Clewiston Police Department and an officer will assist you.

1. Lack of licensing

2. Extremely low bids

3. Requiring a large deposit

4. No permanent place of business

5. No contract

6. No insurance

7. Inadequate references

8. Special deals”

LaBelle, Fla. – Contactors will begin picking up debris on Monday, October 3.

Residents are asked to separate debris into piles as shown below for more efficient pick up

•Stack it separately from garbage or building debris.

•Place it in piles that can easily be managed by collection personnel with a claw truck.

•Do not place any waste below over obstacles such as trees or powerlines or near hydrants or mailboxes.

•Do not place debris over downed power lines or fire hydrants.

The Transfer Stations in Hendry County will be open for disposal of household trash and food waste ONLY Saturday, October 1 – Friday, October 8 from 7am – 4pm.

Construction debris, horticulture and other miscellaneous debris may be picked up at different times.

For Household Hazardous Waste disposal, please call Special Districts at 863-675-5252

Additional information on pick up will be provided as it becomes available.

Continuing to recover

Schools reopened in Okeechobee and Glades County after the three day break due to Hurricane Ian.

Only 97 customers of Glades Electric were out of power as of this morning.

All Florida Power and Light customers in Okeechobee have been restored.

Showers were made available at secondary schools for students of families who may still be without power.

South Florida Water Management opened the boat locks at J and S Fish camp, Henry Creek, Taylor Creek, Buckhead Ridge and Lakeport this weekend.

They are going to be sending more water down the Kissimmee River over the next few weeks.

They have closed the lock on the Kissimmee River.

Libby Pigman, spokesperson for the South Florida Water Management District said the restored river was made to handle more water and clean it before it reaches Lake Okeechobee.

She noted the Kissimmee Chain had been drier until recently.

“Leading up to Ian they started to get a lot of rain.  We sent a lot of water down into the restored Kissimmee River flood plain.  Its good news that we were able to use that flood plain and rehydrate that area near Chandler Slough.”

The Governor visited the Heartland as efforts are picking up to assist Hardee, Highlands and DeSoto County.

Three distribution sites were set up in Highlands County in Lake Placid, Sebring, and Avon Park.

Ron DeSantis said this was more rainfall than the state has ever received.

“This is such a big storm that brought so much water that you are having a 500 year flood event in DeSoto and surrounding counties.”

He’s urging rural counties to take advantage of 100 percent reimbursement for storm debris cleanup in many affected areas.

Water management public lands south and east of Lake Okeechobee will open at 5 pm today.

Glades County still had 310 customers without power this morning, almost evenly split between Glades Electric and Florida Power and Light.

The state set up a fueling station to help southwest Florida residents returning home purchase gas in Ortona in Glades County this weekend.

The state gas tax holiday for October went into effect on Saturday.

Gas buyers will see a savings of 25.3 cents per gallon.

Okeechobee County Commissioners have moved the site for the fire training tower to the vacant land between the main fire station and the Emergency Operations Center on NW 6th Street.

Fire Chief Ralph Franklin said they should save money long term on training at the new facility.

The cost of putting the tower at Indian River State College would have exceeded $1.5 million.

The county received a $500,000 grant for the facility.

Glades County hopes to get some tourists and attention from another country music video.

Jake Owen’s ‘Up There Down Here’ was released last week.

Much of the video was filmed around Moore Haven and Glades County including ranches, pasture and a local rodeo at the Bronson Arena.

Susan Whidden with Visit Glades said these video companies do have an economic impact on the county.

“They usually hire 10-15 locals and spread some money and love around.  It is good for the economy and really good for getting our name out there.”

The Zac Brown Band also filmed a video in Glades County in the past year.

Moore Haven Vice Mayor Jake Eigner said he thinks this helps his city, “Anything that we can get public that gets us on the map in a positive way will help us grow.  That is what we are looking for.  It is 100% good publicity for the city of Moore Haven and Glades County.”

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