Monday July 26, 2021

The Belle Glade City Commission will hold a special meeting today AT 5:00 P.M., in the commission chambers at Belle Glade City Hall for the selection of the new city manager. Lomax Harrelle retired the position last week after a 13-year term. The Belle Glade Meetings are live streamed on Facebook.

Crime Stoppers of Palm Beach County is searching for Jesus Alpizar, also known as Esteban Hernandez. His last known address is SE Avenue G, Belle Glade. He is wanted for a Violation of Probation on Aggravated Assault charges. If you have any information on the whereabouts of Jesus Alpizar also known as Esteban Hernandez, contact Crime Stoppers of Palm Beach County.

A federal appeals court ruled Friday that Pandemic restrictions on Florida-based cruise ships are no longer in place, a victory for our governor who pushed back against the CDC regulations. Those regulations can no longer be enforced, but can still be used as guidelines. The lawsuit, championed by Gov. Ron DeSantis, claims that the CDC’s multiple-step process to allow cruising from Florida is too restrictive, harming both a multibillion-dollar industry that provides some 159,000 jobs and… revenue collected by the state. The CDC, said keeping the rules in place would prevent future COVID-19 outbreaks on ships that are vulnerable to the spread of the virus, because of their close quarters and frequent stops at foreign ports. Several cruise lines have begun preliminary cruises under those guidelines, which the judge agreed with Florida, are too heavy.

A division of NASA dedicated to air quality research is partnering with a team of scientists, to study the impacts of sugar cane burning in Western Palm Beach County. Researchers will use low-cost sensors and satellite data to track pollution from burning sugar cane crops. The study is set up to be the most in-depth of its kind in this region of sugar production, where some residents complain that the burning harms their health. Local agencies who support the study say, the state and federal framework for tracking air quality has failed to capture short-term spikes in pollution, a defining feature of Florida’s cane harvest season.

A former Super Bowl MVP and star player at Glades Central High School is showing the game HE loves to youngsters in his community. This time though, its golf and not football. On Friday, Santonio Holmes, his 10 All-In Foundation, along with PGA of South Florida held a golf camp at Belle Glade Municipal Golf Club. Holmes said he hopes the kids embrace and game of golf and its life lessons. This was the inaugural event and Holmes hopes the program continues to grow.

Florida’s COVID situation is bad and according to the CDC, its getting worse. The state logged 14,258 NEW COVID-19 cases on Friday and 148 COVID deaths on Thursday. The Florida Department of Health, under direction from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, no longer releases daily updates on COVID statistical information. Students report for school on August 10th, and when they do, masks will be optional. That is bringing cheers from some parents, but many others, who believe masks should be mandatory in schools where children are too young to be vaccinated, have nothing to cheer about. Officials are waiting for new guidance from the CDC. The guidance, which could call for in-school mask mandates, is expected to be released soon. The article FLORIDA COVID: More Than 14K Cases Recorded On Friday, 148 Deaths appeared first on .

A group of attorneys filed a lawsuit Sunday in an effort to force the State of Florida to restore the $300 weekly unemployment benefits. The suit is expected to be registered with the Clerk of Court’s Office today. The suit names several Broward County individuals as plaintiffs, who say they’ve suffered financial hardship due to the state shutting off federal benefits. The suit, however, aims to get benefits restored for all Floridians impacted. Florida is not the first state to be sued over ending the extended federal unemployment benefits. There are similar suits in Maryland, Ohio, Indiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. Judges in Indiana and Maryland have ordered the benefits be restored pending litigation. 

In accordance with Chapter 775 the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is advising the public about a declared Sexual Predator, Robel Perez, Date of Birth: 5/9/1955, who is now temporarily residing at 303 Pelican Lake Drive, Apt. A, Pahokee.