Monday August 8, 2022


The 10th class of family doctors to graduate from Lakeside Medical Center didn’t merely survive three years of medical residency. It prevailed through the coronavirus pandemic.

The five doctors who completed their work in June at Palm Beach County’s only public hospital saw first-hand how COVID-19 wreaked havoc on patients in the rural Glades communities. They are the first class to have the pandemic mark their entire stay in Belle Glade.

Lakeside is a teaching hospital part of Palm Beach County’s Health Care District. This year, it ranked as the country’s most racially inclusive hospital, according to the Lown Institute, a think tank that studies how hospitals can better serve and support their patients and communities.

The State’s Agency for Health Care Administration funds the training of the 15 residents in the medical center’s Family Medicine Residency Program.

The five newly graduated family doctors – Benjamin Kosubevsky, Thy Hoang Bui, Janaki Saoji Juma, William Carson Draper and Grieb –

 trained in all of Lakeside’s medical departments including emergency medicine, critical care and pediatrics.

Three years ago, when they started their residency, COVID-19 was just starting to spread in the underserved communities along the rim of Lake Okechobee. During most of their rotations, the area remained a hot spot of cases and reported some of the highest death tolls in the county.

Darcy J. Davis, the Health Care District’s CEO.said that she applauds these graduates for their dedication to our hospital’s patients and the health of Glades’ residents during an unprecedented time in medicine,” “Their quality care and commitment have helped improve the health of the Glades region.”


A 68-year-old man from Clewiston was killed after a vehicle hit him near Quebrada St. and Del Sur Ave.

According to Florida Highway Patrol around 8:30 PM Saturday, a 51-year-old man was driving North on Quebrada Ave. south of Del Sur Ave. while a male pedestrian was in that area.

The car collided with the man and he came to rest on the west shoulder of North Quebrada Ave.

Anyone who has information on the crash is asked to contact Florida Highway Patrol .


Two people were killed in a crash on State Rd. 78 south of Access Rd. in Glades County says Florida Highway Patrol.

According to FHP, two men from Moore Haven, in vehicle one were heading south on State Rd 78, and vehicle two, a 45-year-old man from Okeechobee was traveling north on SR 78.

Vehicle one went into the northbound lanes of SR 78 and hit the front of vehicle two.

FHP says that vehicle one then rotated onto the grass shoulder where it came to rest.

The two Moore Haven men in vehicle one were pronounced dead on the scene.