Friday July 29, 2022


A Clewiston man was one of Two men from the Miami area are accused of kidnapping a Key deer in South Florida.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s office said it happened around 2 a.m. last Sunday when deputies pulled over a car for erratic driving.

Once deputies peeked inside the car, they figured out why the driver had trouble staying in the lane.

The men had an injured deer on top of a cooler, lawn chairs, and other items in the back.

The men said they hit the deer near the Seven Mile Bridge and thought it was dead. Once they realized it wasn’t, they wanted to take it to a veterinarian in Miami for treatment, though, neither man called 911 or the FWC.

The story didn’t add up. Investigators said the Key deer habitat is not near the Seven Mile Bridge.

Authorities arrested 38-year-old Yoankis Hernandez Pena, from Clewiston, and 45-year-old Andres Leon Valdes. Both face charges of cruelty to animals, and taking, processing, or selling a federally designated, endangered, or threatened species.


Representatives from U.S. Sugar joined community leaders and children from the Montura community recently to announce the donation of two recreational soccer goals as well as four basketball hoops to Montura’s Club House. The donations were made possible through generous support from the people of U.S. Sugar.

   The Montura Club House provides a safe space for people of all ages in the community to come together and be active together enjoying sports, pool time, and other activities especially during summertime when a youth summer camp is held every year. The new equipment will help the community play host to future basketball and soccer tournaments, which attract athletes from throughout Hendry County.

 Brannan Thomas, Community Relations Manager for U.S. Sugar. Stated that,

Sports are at the heart and soul of the Montura community, so when when US Sugar learned new equipment was needed, they were happy to provide it,

U.S. Sugar leaders Thomas, Director of Corporate Communications Ryan Duffy and Chief Financial Officer Elaine Wood were on hand Friday as the new sports equipment was installed. Local Hendry County Commissioner Ramon Iglesias, whose district includes Montura, said many local families will put the equipment to good use immediately. “It’s not every day our local children receive new sports equipment,” said Iglesias. “We are incredibly thankful to U.S. Sugar for help making this happen.”