Friday July 15, 2022


A driver crashed into a parked vehicle in a driveway and goes airborne before crashing into another vehicle in Lehigh Acres, and ran away Wednesday.

The driver is nowhere to be found. While the vehicle was the family’s only source of transportation.

The family is left wondering who’s going to pay for the damage to the car.

 Pieces of car, red glass, and a black hoodie were left behind at the scene. The hoodie belongs to the guy who crashed and ran away. according to the owner of the home, Jamie Bryant

Bryant was walking out to her porch with her three-year-old son Wednesday afternoon. When she heard skidding tires and loud Boom, Bryant’s Ring camera captured the whole thing.

she looked up to see a car is running off the road, and hits her neighbor’s driveway,” before going airborne, and landing in Bryant’s yard smashing into the side of Bryant’s vehicle.

The driver then gets out of the car and falls. Bryant saw him and asked, if he was, ok? The driver said he was, then ran of

Bryant is left wondering who is going to pay for the damages done to her and her neighbors’ vehicle.

The good news is nobody was hurt, not even the driver. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.


With the start of the new school year less than a month away, school districts in our area have numerous openings for teachers.

A new bill, recently signed into law by Gov. DeSantis, allows veterans in Florida to equate 48 months of active-duty military service to two years of college experience.

As a result, veterans in Florida would only need to earn two years of college credits to be able to take a test to get a temporary teaching certification.

One veteran in our area feels this is a great opportunity for vets who want to become teachers. John Rourke, a veteran who served 16 years in the U.S. Army in places such as Iraq and Bosnia. Rourke stating that it is a step in the right the director, to help those veterans who want to become teachers

As WAFC stated in an earlier story this week, the surrounding counties are struggling to fill their teachers’ positions

Lee County has 285 vacancies, Charlotte County has 56 open teacher positions. Collier County currently has 156 instructional, Hendry County has 57 open teaching positions, and the most recent figure the Palm Beach County School District is 410 teaching jobs available.

Students return to school August 10.


Animal shelters all across Southwest Florida are at their tipping point. In many cases, they’re operating well over capacity, some at double or triple the limit they were built to handle.

Jaylen Rodriguez, a Clewiston Animal Control Officer.  Stated that its a lot,“ The supplies keep going but the animals keep coming in.”

The biggest problem is there’s no end in sight, shelter managers say.

In Clewiston, the kennels inside Clewiston Animal Servies are never empty. But they’ve never been this full.

“It is a crisis in the animal world.,” Rodriguez said.

For the last month and a half, the staff at the shelter have been caring for more than double the number of dogs the shelter was built for. That is until Wednesday when a Vero Beach humane society came in and took an entire truck full of dogs.

Despite having just half of the dogs, the shelter is still over capacity. Every single one of their 14 kennels has at least one dog in it, some of them have two.

It’s not just dogs. All but two kennels in their car rooms are full, many with families of kittens.

It’s not just in Clewiston, shelters in Lee, Charlotte and DeSoto Counties are operating at max capacity or well over it.

So what’s causing this surge in animals being left without homes. There are two main drivers:

  1. The rising cost of care like food and vet bills.
  2. Our housing crisis that is cracking down on pets.

So, what is the answer? Well spaying and neutering your pet is a good start. However, the biggest way to take some weight of a shelter’s shoulders is to become a foster parent.

“Fostering. Fostering is probably one of the biggest things that can help save these animals,” Rodriguez said. In the meantime, animals are available for adoption at the Cape Coral Animal ShelterClewiston Animal ServicesAnimal Welfare League and DeSoto County Animal Shelter