Friday January 21, 2022

Still areas of dense fog this in Clewiston and surrounding areas. Areas of concern included HWY 27 between Clewiston and South Bay. Wherever you are traveling to, if the fog is heavy, please drive extra carefully. Put the phone down, slow down and arrive safely at your destination. Its currently around 66 degrees with 100% humidity. The National Weather Service no longer has an advisory for our areas, but conditions remain hazardous in some areas. If you are traveling in any area of limited visibility, please be extra careful.

The Golden Apple Teacher awards banquet was held last night in Clewiston at the John Boy auditorium. 10 recipients from Hendry County Schools were guests last night at the annual recognition banquet. This affair is an opportunity for the citizens to recognize the districts finalists, and congratulate the county winner, who will go on to be recognized at the state level. So, without further ado, school administrators, the school board, the Hendry County School District and its students presents…  Golden Apple Teacher of the Year winner, non-other than LaBelle Elementary Schools Melinda Krause. She says she’s proud to be a product of Henry County, and who we are surrounded with and who we learn from is what makes us great educators. She says she’s had the pleasure of learning from both sides of the district. Congratulations to all 10 finalists, including this year’s winner for the county, LaBelle Elementary’s Melinda Krause.

Crime Stoppers of Palm Beach County is searching for Daequan Kennedy. His last known address is SW 2nd St., Belle Glade. He is wanted for Felony VIOLATION OF SUPERVISED OWN RECOGNIZANCE for CARRYING A CONCEALED FIREARM while UNLICENSED. If you have any information on the whereabouts of Daequan Kennedy, contact Crime Stoppers of Palm Beach County.

The Division of Forestry charged a Moore Haven man with setting several wildfires on Christmas Day. Thirty-three-year-old Preston Wooten was spotted riding his bicycle setting off various fires. He refused to comply with deputies and was tased. Charges include several counts of malicious land burning. 

A new bill would allow school districts to put cameras inside classrooms. Teachers would be required to wear microphones while teaching. Now the bill includes a lot of context like the video can’t be live streamed or used in teacher evaluations. If it passes, school districts would be required to vote on HB 1055 by Jan. 1, 2023. Some locals weighed in on the bill. One Hendry County High School teacher says she fears, this will push teachers away from our state, and our teacher shortage is already great enough. One Hendry County bus driver agrees, well… sort of. (soundbite) Mr. Mark who is a bus driver in Labelle says, the cameras on the buses, are pretty helpful (soundbite). Many parents and teachers alike cite privacy issues. Many others say they have no problem with cameras in the classroom whatsoever, especially since students not involved in incidents, must be blurred.