Friday August 19, 2022


Investigators with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office says it has tentatively identified the driver of a car that slammed into the back of a school bus in Wellington after those occupying the car trying to with draw money from a Synovus bank with fruadlant ID. 

And the one person arrested after the crash, a suspect in this fraud case, is now being treated at the medical unit at the Palm Beach County Jail.

 David Daniels, 45, had been in the hospital since the crash one week ago on Cedar Bluff Place and Aero Club Drive.

Investigators believe Daniels tried to make fraudulent withdrawals from several area banks in the hours before the crash. He was a passenger in a gold BMW that sped away from a Synovus Bank nearby until it crashed into the school bus. The bus had kids on board but no one was hurt.

Daniels and a second man in the car went to the hospital for treatment.

Daniels faces six counts of forgery of a credit card, four counts of unauthorized possession of a driver’s license, grand theft and criminal use of personal ID information.


The Florida Department of Health in Lee County is issuing an alert for an increase in mosquito-borne disease activity.

According to a news release, sentinel chickens in Lee County have tested positive for West Nile Virus infection.

The risk of transmission to humans has also increased, DOH-Lee said.

No human cases of West Nile Virus have been reported in Lee County at this time.

Lee County Mosquito Control District and DOH-Lee continue surveillance and prevention efforts,

The Department continues to conduct statewide surveillance for mosquito-borne illnesses, including West Nile virus infections, Eastern equine encephalitis, St. Louis encephalitis, malaria,

chikungunya (chick-a-gun-ya) virus and dengue fever.

DOH-Lee said to protect yourself from mosquitoes, you should remember to “Drain and Cover”:

  • Drain water from any up right containers where sprinkler or rain water has collected. Avoid letting any water collect where mosquitos can breed

COVER skin with clothing or repellent.

  • Wear shoes, socks, and long pants and long-sleeves. This type of protection may be necessary for people who must work in areas where
  • Apply mosquito repellent to bare skin and clothing.Always use repellents according to the label. And try to use a Repellents with DEET,
  • Use mosquito netting to protect children younger than 2 months old.

COVER doors and windows with screens to keep mosquitoes out of your house.

  • Repair broken screening on windows, doors, porches, and patios.

Residents of Florida are encouraged to report dead birds via the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s site.


Clewiston Police are investigating the death of a 63-year-old man who was found dead in a covered area at 813 East Ventura Avenue, just one block away from his home

Officers were called to the scene around 9:18 AM on Thursday August 18.

According to Clewiston Police, once they arrived, a 63-year-old Hispanic male was found dead with signs of trauma. He was identified as Rigoberto M orale Triguero.

The Hendry County Sheriff’s Office Crime Scene Unit and investigators from the District Medical Examiner’s Office assisted Crime Scene Technician with investigating the scene and the victim.

Members of the Clewiston Police Department executed a search warrant at the victim’s home.

According to Clewiston Police, the investigation is active and officers ask that anyone with information contact Sergeant Willie Roberts at the Clewiston Police Department at 863-893-1474.