On Air Personalities


Nicole Reid is a graduate of the FAMU School of Journalism and Graphic Communication. Starting out in print journalism, she worked for her college paper and she’s written for several local newspapers in Southwest Florida. Nicole made the transition to broadcast journalism after working for Turner Broadcasting System in Atlanta, Georgia. Since then, she’s hosted pageants, festivals and contests using her signature singing jingles, exuberant laugh and jovial personality. Nicole operates as our resident, one-woman news team, public affairs director, morning show co-host and social media manager. An accomplished radio personality, Nicole is still searching for balance; raising 4 children under the age of 12 and finding time between breaking news to finish her favorite books and exercise.

On the air: 12a – 6a

Charlie Derek

Charlie Derek has been a successful radio host for many radio stations from coast to coast and is now settled here. He’s covered every genre in his 25+ years in radio and STILL looks forward to being on the radio every day. Thank you for tuning in and making my every day extra special.

ChaCha Chavez

On the air: 10a – 3p

Cha Cha is a 30+ year radio veteran and still has the same love for radio today as she did when since her first shift! Cha Cha loves all genres of music, from pop to hip-hop to country. She loves to hike, bike and snowshoe and loves hanging with Sophia, her 3 legged Chiwawa!

On the air: 3p – 8p

Catfish Hunter

Started my fun-filled Radio life when I was 16 growing up in Colorado! Worked and played at many great radio stations coast to coast. Living one day at a time, with a fresh baked cookie… Okay, and with a coffee and a beer later in the day. But I promise to take my vitamins. And of course I love my country music! The best there is right?

Jenny D 

On the air: 8p – 12p

Who makes you laugh? My daughter Maddie, OUT LOUD every day! What do you fear the most? Spiders, heights and germs. What is your favorite thing to do? Read and spend time with my husband and our girls. What is your favorite food? I’m Italian so pasta of ANY kind.