Wednesday October 7, 2020

As of 11 a.m. Tuesday, there have been 720,125 positive cases of the coronavirus recorded in the state. There are 14,767 Florida resident deaths reported, according to the Florida Department of Health. 2,251 total new cases reported Tuesday and 55 total new resident deaths. Glades County reported 552 (up from 549) and 5 deaths. Hendry County reported 2,092 (up from 2,089) and 40 deaths.

A 72-year-old Belle Glade man is dead following a vehicle crash that happened yesterday morning. At around 6:10, 39-year-old Maurice Collier, also a resident of the small community, was traveling eastbound on State Road 80 in Belle Glade according to a report released by Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. 72-year-old Celafoi Charles walked directly into the path of Colliers vehicle resulting in a collision the pedestrian did not survive. We reached out to Collier, the driver of the vehicle, but he was understandably, still in shock. Collier suffered no physical injury.

The Hendry County Sheriff’s Office will take part in the National Faith and Blue Weekend this month, aimed at connecting officers with people in the community through houses of worship. According to a press release, the mission of NFBW is to facilitate safer, stronger and more unified communities. NFBW is slated for October 9 – 12, 2020. 

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue has seen a 17% rise in kitchen fires when comparing March-September of 2020 to March-September of 2019, according to news release. More people have been cooking at home during the pandemic, correlating with the increase in kitchen fires in Palm Beach County. National Fire Prevention Week started on Sunday, and continues through October 10th.  So, it’s a good time to remind everyone about the dangers of a kitchen fire, how to prevent them and what to do if one starts in your kitchen. Visit our website for a list of ways to stay safe.


NEVER pour water on a grease fire! The fire will react VIOLENTLY and get BIGGER and HOTTER. This can also spread the fire.

ALWAYS Keep a lid nearby, or cookie sheet, to quickly suffocate a pan or pot fire. Then turn the power knob OFF.

Oven fires, toaster oven fires or microwave fires… keep the door closed to suffocate the fire. Then turn the power knob OFF.

Get everyone outside, closing doors on the way out to stop smoke from spreading, and CALL 911 so firefighters can check inside for safety.

Remember, Fire extinguishers are for small-contained fires and the user should be trained to operate it. If used improperly, the fire extinguisher can actually spread the fire.


Always wear oven mitts and use potholders to prevent burns.

Keep handles turned away from walking areas and other hot burners.

Keep children and pets out of the kitchen and at least 3 feet away from
everything hot.

AVOID tablecloths so young children do not pull hot food and dishes
onto themselves.
The most important cooking tip is to STAY IN THE KITCHEN and

STAY FOCUSED! Your Safety. Our Priority.