News Cast 1/22

The City of Clewiston experience a short-lived power outage this morning at about 4:30. Clewiston Police department was on the city streets to assist with traffic operations as some traffic signals were inoperable. WAFC was on the scene at about 5:15 reaching out to the local power officials as well as CPD to get more information. Turns out, according to a city leader, a transmission line locked out and FPL shut the line down. This outage comes after a situation earlier this week where some area buildings such Florida Community Health Centers also lost power for a short while due to a blown feeder. 

In anticipation of the near freezing temperatures last night into this morning, Hendry County as well as the City of Belle Glade opened up a cold weather shelter. The shelters located at the LaBelle United Way House, the Janet B. Taylor Auditorium in Clewiston and the West County Senior Center in Belle Glade, were opened at 7 last night, and were asking those seeking shelter to be in place by midnight. WAFC is checking with local shelters to see if they will be opened again tonight, even though we do expect temperatures to be much warmer. stay tuned to WAFC for updates.  

If you’re headed to Immokalee this morning, look out for Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) officers. They’ll be in the Main Street area of Immokalee beginning at 7:15 to conduct Operation P.E.D.S., or Pedestrian Education and Developing Safety Details. The purpose of P.E.D.S. is to decrease the amount of injuries and deaths through an education detail in an area that has been, and still is prone to, pedestrian and bicyclist-related accidents. Troopers will interact with the community and pass out educational flyers, pedestrian reflective vests, sunglasses and other safety material to people in need. FHP will be on Main Street in Immokalee until 9:30 this morning. 

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is advising the public about a declared Sexual Predator, William Vincent Meredith, who is now residing at 104 Pelican Lake Drive, Pahokee, FL.

Former NFL player and Pahokee High School football star Anquan Boldin shared a personal tragedy in an ad produced by the National Football League. It tells the story of his cousin,Corey Jones, to tackle justice reform. The 31-year-old church drummer was shot and killed by Nouman Raja, an ex-police officer in Palm Beach Gardens. Clinton Jones, Coreys dad says he is proud his nephew is using his platform to not only share what happened to Corey, but what came out of the tragedy. “We have some good police officers, we have some bad police officers. The good will outweigh the bad,” he said. Last April, a Palm Beach County judge sentenced Raja to 25 years in prison. For Clinton, Boldin’s effort to inspire change is going to save lives. This ad will run through Super Bowl Sunday, where it will be seen by a wider audience. The next day is Corey Jones’ birthday. He would have been turning 36 years old. Boldin was part of a community conversation in Atlanta Monday night at the King Centers as part of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. The conversation addressed understanding racism and how to dismantle it. 

Nine students-athletes have joined the Orange football program to kick off Syracuse University’s spring semester earlier this week. Freshmen Latarie Kinsler of Pahokee and Ja’Vontae Williams of Belle Glade are enrolled at the University after signing National Letters of the Intent to play for the Orange on Dec. 18.