News Cast 01/29

Congratulations to Clewiston Police Departments Employee of the year the Adelys Valles. On a recent visit to the departments new facility, Chief of Police Aaron Angel and Assistant Chief Marci V did nothing but sing her praises. (Sound bite). Congratulations to Adelys Valles, Clewiston Police Departments Employee of the year.

An Okeechobee man, facing first degree premeditated murder charges in the death of his wife last spring, won’t be back in court until next spring. 34 year old Kevin Franklin Hughes was in court recently to answer for charges of premeditated murder one in the death of his wife, 40 year old Jennifer Benson-Hughes, during the early morning hours of April 17th, but his attorney, Alex Nelson, has asked the court for a continuance until next April to take depositions of witnesses in the case. Okeechobee County Lead Prosecutor Ashley Albright says while this may sound unusual, it’s actually pretty common (Albright-Hughes Case 1). He was originally charged with second degree murder before the grand jury heard the evidence in the case last June and charged him with premeditated murder one. Kevin Hughes is facing a mandatory life prison sentence if he’s convicted. Nelson declined to comment.

About 500 kids at Pahokee Elementary School arrived at their school cafeteria to a big surprise for them in the form of a Dream Kit” which included pencils, pens, notebooks and snacks. But best of all, got to meet local legend Anquan Boldin, who was there to participate in the giveaway. His Q81 Foundation has always been very supportive of the town that raised him. 30 years ago, Anquan, himself, was a student at Pahokee Elementary School. It’s reported that he used that very fact, to inspire the kids, letting them know if he could realize his dreams, so could they.

Immokalee’s own Nate Martinez has the national level. The 14-year old performed at last month’s U.S. Olympic Team Boxing Trials in Lake Charles, Louisiana, closing out the year ranking ninth in the country in the USA Boxing Junior Men’s division, in his weight class. He’s the 2018 Florida Silver Glove winner and won back to back state Police Athletic League titles in 2018 and 2019. Right now, he’s focused on making the US Boxing Team for the 2024 Summer Olympics, slated to be held in Paris, France. Next month he travels to Biloxi, Mississippi to take part in the Sugar Bert Boxing National Qualifier. 

Congratulations to Clewiston Public Works Departments Axel Navarro. He was presented before the board and the public at Monday night’s Clewiston city commission meeting. Director of Public works Sean Scheffler says, it wasn’t his decision, but it was the effort of Navarros cohorts. (soundbite) Also recognized as employees of the year were Adelys Valles of Clewiston Police Department and Michael Cox of Utilites.