Monday May 11, 2020 News

Some concerned citizens became alarmed of a strong smell of smoke throughout Palm Beach County. After a reaching out to Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, spokesperson Albert Borroto confirms that there are no active brush fires currently in the county.  He says the smell of smoke is coming from fires outside the county and it is being pushed in by the weather front that was predicted to move in this weekend.  

The Hendry County Sheriff’s Office has purchased two new mobile license plate reader using an 81-thousand dollar grant from the Florida Sheriff’s Association. The devices are used during large events like festivals to keep you safe by sending out emergency alerts to drivers. Deputies say, right now, they will be using them to locate and track criminals.

Anquan Boldin, the former PahokeeFlorida State and NFL receiver, sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr on Friday that was signed by dozens of sports figures, including Tom Brady, calling for an immediate investigation into the controversial shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery. Arbery, 25, was shot and killed while jogging near his home in Brunswick, Ga., in an incident captured on video that was publicized this week. In addition to Brady, others signing Boldin’s letter include Dolphins linebacker Kyle Van Noy, former Dolphin and current NFL Vice President Troy Vincent and former Heat and Magic coach Stan Van Gundy. Gregory McMichael, 64, and son Travis McMichael, 34, were arrested and charged in connection with the shooting Thursday. The fact more than two months went by without an arrest led to nationwide protests and concerns raised by former Vice President Joe Biden and LeBron James.

Emily Hunter, Communications Coordinator for the Hendry County Board says the County is currently experiencing a number of COVID-19 outbreak clusters that are a result of close contact environments. Information from the health department’s contact tracing process has indicated that some of the cases may be originating from individuals who have traveled outside of Hendry County for work or personal reasons. Additionally, she says, recent cases are suspected to be originating from individuals who have not been following social distancing guidance given by the CDC and health department. Hunter wants us all to realize that Hendry County is adjacent to counties that have some of the highest rates of cases in the state, and to please take precautions if you must travel to these areas. More information about COVID-19 cases in Florida can be found on the DOH website –

The Governor or Florida is extending Phase I reopening to include barbershops and hair salons. Effective today, all customers will be by appointment only, there must be at least 15 minutes between appointments for proper disinfecting practices, no group appointments are permitted, masks must be worn by all employees while performing personal services. We spoke to Rick Pope of Ricks Barbershop in LaBelle. He knows the rules and he’s ready to go. Additionally, all of these salons must thoroughly clean and disinfect prior to reopening, all surfaces, tools and linens, must be disinfected prior to opening EVERYDAY. The order, released this Saturday, also says, owners should consider providing unworn masks to clients for use during their appointment. It says shop owners should also remove all unnecessary items like magazines, newspapers, service menus or any other décor that may be frequently touched. There’s no indication as of yet about Phase II.