Friday October 16, 2020

As of 11 a.m. Thursday, there have been 744,988 positive cases of the coronavirus recorded in the state. There are 15,736 Florida resident deaths reported, according to the Florida Department of Health. There were 3,356 total new cases reported Thursday, along with 141 total new resident deaths. Hendry County reports 2,137 positive cases and 43 deaths.

Glades County Community Development Department wants to inform the public about Stormwater runoff. According to the county, it begins as rain and carries pollutants from land surfaces to various bodies of water. The pollutants picked up by stormwater come from a variety of sources, such as litter, sand, bacteria, and chemicals. Stormwater pollution is one of the most difficult sources of water pollution to control because it is caused by the daily activities of people everywhere. Everyone can help prevent stormwater pollution and in turn protect our water resources. It’s much cheaper to prevent pollution to waterways than it is to clean it up. The County says residents can help by properly caring for their lawns and cars, not littering and never putting anything down storm drains, properly maintaining septic systems, and reporting illegal dumping. Business owners can help by properly disposing of contaminated water, properly recycling oil and grease, and keeping toxic materials contained and stored properly. Developers can help by implementing erosion control measures and revegetate as soon as possible to help control erosion.

Crime Stoppers of Palm Beach County is searching for Joel Rodriguez-Gomez. His last known address was SE 2nd Ave., South Bay. He is wanted for Failure to Appear for driving under the influence causing great bodily injury or death, and driving without a license. If you have any information on the whereabouts of Joel Rodriguez-Gomez, contact Crime Stoppers of Palm Beach County.

Belle Glade Mayor Steve Wilson reached out to WAFC News yesterday. He says an early voting sites in Western Palm Beach County will have a van where voters can submit their vote-by-mail ballots. Mayor Wilson says this wouldn’t be possible without City of Pahokee Mayor Keith Babb. We reached out to the other Mayor of Muck, but we have not heard back. According to an article, the vans will be at 17 of the 18 early voting sites throughout Palm Beach County, when early voting begins Monday and continues through Nov. 1. The vans hours will be the same as the voting hours: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The only early voting site that won’t have a van is the one at the Belle Glade elections office, which has its own ballot drop box. The other early voting site is the Belle Glade Branch Library. The vans can accept only completed vote-by-mail ballots. Voters should not expect these vans to act as polling places.