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ABOUT Pure Country WAFC

WAFC is a radio station located in Clewiston, Florida, USA, owned by Glades Media Company. Broadcasting a Pure Country format that mixes music popular today and classic country genres since the 1980’s. WAFC’s flag ship signal is AM590 which covers most of South Florida coast to coast. WAFC also has three FM signals on 92.5FM, 100.5FM and 105.1FM. 92.5FM is located in the Belle Glade market giving WAFC signals on both AM and FM. 100.5FM is located in the Clewiston market giving us both AM and FM coverage for our listeners there. Our newest addition is 105.1FM with our signal located in Labelle. WAFC Pure Country is now broadcasting on 4 broadcast signals in South Florida giving you both AM and FM coverage across the State of Florida. Below see our Coverage Maps.

WHY Pure Country WAFC

Glades Media Company has owned and operated WAFC since the early 80’s. WAFC is locally owned and operated with a focus on bringing the audience information and news of what’s going on in our area.

Country Music is the heartbeat of WAFC Pure Country’s service area. Local personality-driven and heartfelt, the Superstar Country Format focuses on the biggest County music hits and the biggest Country music stars that made Country Music mainstream and a household word.

Benchmark Pure Country Local features entertain listeners with interesting information, humor and listener interaction:

  • Local News/weather, weekdays at 6AM. 7AM. 8AM, 9AM, 12noon, 4pm and 5pm, keep locals connected to important information happening in the communities WAFC Pure Country serves. 
  • Local Features: Draw local listeners to WAFC Pure Country, such as Dial and Deal, weekdays at 9:05am, Local public affairs interviews on Big Lake Now, Tues/Thurs at 8:05am, Job Connection, weekdays at 9:50am, Fishing with Steve and Debi, Sunday mornings, Local High School Football, Friday nightplay-by-play during the Fall and more!


The 18-49 year-old demographic has long been the de facto standard for programming and advertising decisions. With millennials establishing their careers first, then beginning their families, the median age for programing/advertising decisions is shifting.  Pure Country WAFC Format target 25-54 (core:  35-49) demographic is reaching household decision makers with the brand of music they prefer.  Pure Country WAFC adds the local news/information, local sports, and local personalities that have become synonymous with radio in the local communities we serve. 

COVERAGE MAPS of the 4 Signals of WAFC

WAFC-AM590 map corresponds to the predicted 2.0, 0.5, and 0.15 mV/m contours 
WAFC 92.5FM map corresponds to the predicted 60, 50, and 40 dBμ

WAFC 100.5FM map corresponds to the predicted 60, 50, and 40 dBμ

WAFC 105.1FM map corresponds to the predicted 60, 50, and 40 dBμ